Dr. Eugene Scott

Parish Associate

Eugene has been a pastor most of his life. Even when he worked in carpentry many years ago, he was the one whom many of his coworkers came to for counsel, help, and a listening ear. Most of them were not Christians. Yet Eugene was able to care for them and even show them glimpses of Jesus. This happened so consistently, his life-long friend and future wife Dee Dee, saw it as  God’s call into pastoral ministry. After Eugene and Dee were married, the Denver construction boom busted and Dee Dee encouraged Eugene to go to college. From there he earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver, a Masters of Divinity from Denver Seminary, and (much later) a Doctoral degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Along the way, God gave them three children, Katie, Brendan, and Emmy. They’ve enjoyed hiking, camping, reading, fishing, learning, hunting, making new friends, and serving God together. Eugene and Dee Dee are now Papa and Nana to Katie’s five children. Eugene has served as pastor in seven churches and two para-church ministries. He says, “Walking shoulder-to-shoulder with people as we grow in Christ together is a delight and an honor.” His call as Parish Associate at St James will not be church number eight, however, because this is full circle for the Scotts. Eugene served as youth director at St James from 1986-1990 while Dee Dee served as the children’s choir director. Eugene’s ordination service was held in St James’ “new sanctuary” on June 24, 1990. Eugene and Dee Dee, both born in west Denver, attended school together and have been friends nearly fifty years. They have only been married for forty-two years, however. Dee Dee retired from teaching in 2019. She taught English as a Second Language to adults as well as kindergarten and first grade. They have set out to hike the Colorado Trail one segment at a time over the next few years. Eugene is also a counselor, coach, and writer. His poetry, stories, and essays have been published in Christianity Today, The Edge of Faith, Bugle Magazine, Leadership Journal, Youth Worker Journal, The Vail Daily, Rev, Family Life Today, Youth Specialties Ideas Books, and multiple Christian education journals. He is currently working on a book titled Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws: What Fear Is Trying to Tell You and Five Steps to Deal with It as well as a novel titled Unlocking Eden’s Gate.

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